Ice cube

It’s not that I’m not happy that my kids can now get their own ice cubes, I really am. We have one of those freezers which sit below the refrigerator, so it’s the perfect height for them to open and remove some frozen cubes and enjoy a refreshing cup of ice water. They are very excited about being able to do this, it feels very grown up and ice water has become the hot new thing at our house. I often find them sitting in the Adirondack chairs in the yard, sipping little cups of ice water. Or just sitting around simply munching on ice cubes, enjoying their frozen crunchiness. Better than cookies and candy I guess. They even have ice cube races or do experiments to see how long it takes to melt a cube or two. And the freezer provides a seemingly endless supply of them. So its all good. This morning I opened the fridge to pull some things out to start getting breakfast ready and I notice that I am standing on a little brown puddle of sticky stuff. I think that maybe the dog has been eating a little too much bunny poop in the yard, but no, the puddle is not only sticky, its cold! Someone, in their overzealous urge to enjoy some cubes has left the freezer open overnight and the tub of chocolate ice cream has been knocked over and is dripping on the floor. That leftover lamb stew that has been sitting there since before Thanksgiving is melting too, and oozing onto the ice cream and onto the now thawed piece of that delicious lasagna we had leftover and froze for another day when cooking seems insurmountable, all mixing into a sort of perverse smörgasbord. And it’s all dripping onto the floor and the half-melted ice cubes sit there, gleaming in the morning sunlight.

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3 Responses to Ice cube

  1. Oh that sucks! My sister-in-law lost a whole bunch of frozen breastmilk the same way. She cried.

  2. Arlenna says:

    Oh geez, I can’t wait until I start collecting anecdotes for shitmykidsruined.

    It would indeed be a disaster if this happened to our freezer right now, with the ‘milkvalanche’ stacked up filling three whole shelves…

  3. truthspew says:

    Too funny! Yes, freezers are dangerous. I’m trying to do a mental inventory of what is in mine right now. There’s turkey stock from LAST thanksgiving in there. Plus there’s frozen mixed vegetables and frozen peas in there.

    Then there’s a pork loin roast. It isn’t that old. But I should cook it soon.

    The fridge on the other hand – it desperately needs to be cleaned out.

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