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An interesting exercise

At my university the entire freshman class is asked to read an assigned book before arriving at college. The book is then discussed in small groups led by suckers faculty members who volunteer for the job. This year I volunteered … Continue reading

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Space Rocks!

I came across this visualization via Flowing Data.  It was generated by Scott Manley at the Armagh Observatory and shows the discovery of new asteroids between 1980 and 2010. Whenever a new asteroid s discovered it is shown in white … Continue reading

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Tics and Superpowers

A few months ago an article came out stating that in certain tasks, individuals with Tourette’s syndrome show superior “timing control”. Meaning that they were better at predicting certain time intervals than the non-Tourrete’s control group. This article received a … Continue reading

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Earth-stopping stuff

I recently came across this map in one of my favorite cartographic blogs. It shows the result of a simulation shown here, based on 3-D surface modeling, of what the earth’s surface would look like in the absence of centrifugal … Continue reading

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Comparing apples and pears

So I”m finally back after spending some quality time at a more northernly locale! I came back to work to find that: my email inbox had about 300 messages, that we had two papers rejected, that my university’s animal care … Continue reading

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See you in a few!

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So you’ve invited your lab members and their families/significant others and a few other colleagues over to your place for a barbecue. What are you going to do now? Rush over to Costco to buy a buttload of hot dogs, … Continue reading

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