New NIH scoring system for 2011

The NIH has just announced that in response to complaints that their new scoring system is too hard to interpret, they have decided, yet again, to revamp the way grant applications are scored. This new system will be rolled out during the first review cycle of 2011. Reviewers will now use this simplified form to check off the reasons for rejecting a grant application. The form is reproduced here:

New NIH grant scoring system.

Actually this is a film script rejection slip from the Essanay Film Manufacturing Company which operated between 1907 – 1925. Although the reasons for rejection seem very similar to comments I have received in my grant reviews, particularly the one about removing scenes of an unpleasant nature.

Source: Old Hollywood.

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8 Responses to New NIH scoring system for 2011

  1. David/Abel says:

    Namnezia, FTW!

    But #15 can be remedied with a strong foreign investigator justification.

  2. Dr Becca says:

    This is actually what my K99 summary statement looked like. “Not enough action.”

  3. #14 “Improbable” is no longer allowed? There goes my Theoretical Phys Ed research proposal.

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  5. Grrrrrr. Your tweet tricked me! Nicely done, good sir!

  6. El Picador says:

    hahahaha, Isis pwned!

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