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Sometimes, reason does prevail

So in what now seems like a different lifetime, I had written about an issue we had had with The Third Reviewer and one of our manuscripts at a Fancy Journal. To summarize, we had two initial good reviews who … Continue reading

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Patience, young Grasshopper…

“How are you feeling this morning Mr. Namnezia?” “That’s fucking Dr. Namnezia to you, you little intern. And I would be feeling better if you hadn’t fucking burst into my room without knocking and turned on the light and scared … Continue reading

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I’m just mad about saffron

Note from Namnezia: The following is a guest post from my smart and lovely Supercool wife, who has been indispensable in navigating this bumpy road. Enjoy! Having only been in the hospital for the birth of our children, I guess … Continue reading

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O Rei do Futebol

I guess one of the advantages of spending some time at home is that you get to explore the inner depths of YouTube to dig up all sorts of things. One popular category I found is famous soccer goals of … Continue reading

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The Worst Thanksgiving Ever

I’ve been debating for a bit now whether or not to write this post. In the end I figured that in order to continue blogging in any way that is meaningful to me, I should. Initially it was going to … Continue reading

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