The Worst Thanksgiving Ever

I’ve been debating for a bit now whether or not to write this post. In the end I figured that in order to continue blogging in any way that is meaningful to me, I should. Initially it was going to be longer with little observations along the way, but I think  a short version should suffice, for now.  So here it is:

I was actually quite thankful that we had made it to New Jersey the day before Thanksgiving in less than three and a half hours. The idea was to spend a couple of days visiting family and head home on Friday. My family and I had been getting over a series of cough/colds over the last few weeks. On Thursday I had hurt a rib coughing and was in quite a bit of pain for the ride home. Friday night my cough got worse and in the morning, to make a long story short, I went to the emergency room. I was given a chest X-ray and confirmed that I had pneumonia. Unfortunately they also found that I was very anemic, blood counts were off and my spleen was the size of a football. So I was admitted, pumped full of antibiotics and let out after almost a week. I also learned that I apparently have a slow-growing form of lymphoma, which I’ve likely had for a while. Bummer.

The good news is that this disease is supposed to be highly-treatable (I already started) and several new drugs are available, I have access to good doctors at a a major research university, and so far I feel fine, other than a bit winded from recovering from pneumonia. So that’s the news. Right now I’m taking things day by day, and things have been hard on me and my family. Needless to say I’m scared. Something like this definitely changes one’s perspective and priorities.

Since I started my blog, I’ve found it very therapeutic to write about things on my mind, and as opposed to, say, keeping a journal, its nice to get feedback and be forced to crystallize what I am writing since I know others will be reading it. So I hope to continue blogging throughout all of this, mostly about the usual stuff, maybe occasionally about being sick, but I promise I will not make this blog depressing. As long as the blog is helpful to me, I’ll continue to write here. Expect the same kinds of posts, with the same kind of humor (maybe a bit darker) and the usual shenanigans.

One thing for sure is, I’m staying the hell away from fucking New Jersey.

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28 Responses to The Worst Thanksgiving Ever

  1. Dr. O says:

    😦 Hugs and prayers to you and your family – glad to hear it’s all treatable and you’re feeling better!

  2. truthspew says:

    Here’s to hoping you’ll do well! Big old hug from Rhode Island!

  3. CoR says:

    Wow, I am sorry for the news. Hang in there. I am glad you will continue to blog.

  4. Gerty-z says:

    Holy shit! That is horrible news. Fucking new jersey. I’ll be sending good thoughts at you and your family. 😦

  5. Emily says:

    I haven’t commented before but I have been following your blog since Drugmonkey first linked to you. I’m sorry you and your family have to deal with this. My mother was diagnosed with cancer when I was in high school and it was a scary, hard time for our family and community. You and your family are in my thoughts.

  6. Yoshimi says:

    I’m so sorry. My thoughts are with you and your family.

  7. drugmonkey says:

    agh. dude. so sorry to hear this. strength to you as you gear up for the battle….

  8. So sorry to hear that, Namnezia. Refuah shlema.

  9. Isis the Scientist says:

    New Jersey really is a bitch, isn’t it? Fuck New Jersey!!!!!

  10. Arlenna says:

    Uugggghhh, that really sucks. I am so sorry to hear this too. What a sucktacular Thanksgiving. Let’s hope the new year brings better things.

  11. Scicurious says:

    That totally sucks. Hang in there, dude. I blame New Jersey.

  12. Fuck. Really sorry to hear this. Glad to hear you plan on keeping your sense of humor. Sending you hugs and strength for the journey ahead.

  13. PalMD says:

    I love what hematologists can do with lymphomas and the people they inhabit. Live well.

  14. Sciwo says:

    Oh no! I hope the treatment goes smoothly.

  15. bsci says:

    My Thanksgiving trip to New Jersey was nowhere near as bad, but I fully understand what that state can do to people.
    Refuah shlema.

  16. tideliar says:

    mate, I’m so fucking sorry to hear this news! Be strong in the fight coming up. Live well, and best of wishes to you and your family.

  17. yosnowden says:

    Like Emily, I’ve been quietly reading your blog since some of the other science bloggers linked to it and it’s become one of my favorites. I’m really sorry to hear that you have lymphoma. You and you family will be in my prayers.

  18. Good luck with the journey ahead. The community here will be around to support you with the fight.

  19. JaneB says:

    NOT what you wanted for Thanksgiving. So sorry to hear the news, and you and your family will be in my prayers.

  20. Nat says:

    Dude, this sucks ass in so many ways. Sending karma and hope and whatnot your way.

  21. Dude, I’m sending you all my positive vibes and good juju. Get well soon.

  22. GMP says:

    I am so sorry… Sending you best wishes and good vibes.

  23. Hope says:

    I’m sorry to hear about this, Namnezia. My family just went through something similar this past year, only the prognosis was much more dire. Hang in there! You and yours will undoubtedly discover that you are stronger and better under pressure than you ever imagined.

  24. Dan J says:

    I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma back in May. Chemotherapy wasn’t nearly the bugaboo that I had been led to expect. You have my best hopes that treatment is as mind-numbingly boring for you as it has been for me. 🙂

    • namnezia says:

      Thanks Dan for sharing this info and your wishes. One of the hardest things is not knowing what things are going to be like.

      And thanks everyone for your best thoughts and wishes and for cursing out fucking New Jersey.

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