O Rei do Futebol

I guess one of the advantages of spending some time at home is that you get to explore the inner depths of YouTube to dig up all sorts of things. One popular category I found is famous soccer goals of which there are seemingly endless videos of them, ranging all the way to the 1950’s. One of my favorite “classic goals” scored during a World Cup match was scored by Brazilian player Pelé during the World Cup final against Sweden. Pelé was only 17 at the time and scored 2 of Brazil’s 5 goals for a 5 -2 victory. His first goal during this match is probably one of the most amazing I’ve ever seen and always gives me the jimmies when I see it. In the goal, Pelé is standing in the goal area and receives a pass with his chest. In front of him is a huge Swedish defender, twice his size. Pelé stops the ball, looks the Swede in the eye, does a little kick to lob the ball over him, runs around him and as the ball is coming down on the other side he kicks it in with his foot past the viking goalie for an amazing goal. You can see the whole thing for yourself here:

That being said, this trick of lobbing the ball over the defender seems to be a favorite of Pelé. Digging further in the YouTubage I found this amazing clip from a game from 1959 in which teenage Pelé is playing for his local Brazilian league team Santos. Here, after receiving the pass he does not one, not two, but three consecutive lobs over the defenders heads without the ball touching the ground. During the last lob, he fakes out the goalie and uses his head to score. Fucking amazing. This has gotta be one of the greatest goals I have ever seen. Here is a little clip (they’ll show the goal in the second half of the clip):

So there you have it. Two amazing goals by an amazing player. However, I can’t write a post about goals without showing you another of my all time favorites: Maradona scoring against England in the World Cup in Mexico, in 1986 where he singlehandedly dribbles the ball past what seems to be the entire British team. Check this clip out, the Argentinian announcer sounds like he has just seen God:

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2 Responses to O Rei do Futebol

  1. drugmonkey says:

    well, heck, it was only the English….

  2. Tideliar cries in his bowl of Her Majesty’s Cornflakes every time he sees the Maradona video.

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