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Get up offa that thing!

I was just thinking that it’s been almost three months since I got diagnosed after a trip to fucking New Jersey, and while I’m not quite where I was hoping to be in terms of treatment, I’ve made some progress. … Continue reading

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My daughter returns, tired and sugared up, from celebrating her seventh birthday party. Bags full of birthday presents in hand. Before I can get a pad and pencil, a flurry of ribbons, wrapping paper, presents and birthday cards are flying … Continue reading

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The Portal

I’ve been starting to get a lot more work done from home as I’ve started to feel a little better. However communicating via email and phone with lab peeps started to make me feel a little disengaged. One of my … Continue reading

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Choose your own adventure #478: Lab Fraud!

The NIH’s Office of Research Integrity has recently released what can only be described as a “choose your own adventure” interactive tutorial dealing with research misconduct. In the interactive video, scientific fraud is committed in a new PI’s lab. Who’s … Continue reading

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