My daughter returns, tired and sugared up, from celebrating her seventh birthday party. Bags full of birthday presents in hand. Before I can get a pad and pencil, a flurry of ribbons, wrapping paper, presents and birthday cards are flying through the living room. Now we don’t know who we should be thanking for the Barbie and who for the science kit…

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7 Responses to Mix-ups

  1. DrugMonkey says:


    Wait, seven? Dude, you don’t have this down yet?

  2. Supercool Wife says:

    No one should be thanked for the Barbie!

  3. proflikesubstance says:

    Well, happy birthday to Namneziuese!

    It’s been a while since I took Latin, that doesn’t looks right.

  4. When I was 8, a friend showed me what “sex” was by ramming together the “genitalia” of Barbie & Ken at a 180 degree angle. I assumed, therefore, that penises only went in one direction- straight down to the ground, and continued to think sex must be this awkward until I became further enlightened as a teenager. LOL.

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