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A few of my favorite things

One thing I’m realizing about this semester is that I really miss teaching. I’ve been able to keep my lab running via email and skype, and this semester my class was kindly taken over by my department chair, who has … Continue reading

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Why I don’t own a Kindle…

Yesterday, as I was exiting the bathroom I heard a large splash and realized my new book had slid into the toilet. Although the toilet was empty, I was grossed out enough that I had to go buy a new … Continue reading

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What have you learned?

Recently there has been some talkĀ  in the blogosphere that PhD students in biomedical fields are a particularly unhappy bunch. One of the reasons given is the claim that as part of their PhD training, students in life sciences acquire … Continue reading

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You’ve really got some huevos!

I’ve been living in the US for over 20 years and have seen lots of things pass for ‘Mexican’ food. And I’m not talking about Tex-Mex, which I like but it’s clearly a different cuisine. Even in places that are … Continue reading

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