You’ve really got some huevos!

I’ve been living in the US for over 20 years and have seen lots of things pass for ‘Mexican’ food. And I’m not talking about Tex-Mex, which I like but it’s clearly a different cuisine. Even in places that are heavily populated by my fellow invaders from the South, the Mexican food has somehow evolved. For example, the giant piles of lettuce, sour cream and cheese on top of everything. Or the humongous so-called quesadillas. Or burritos – where did those come from? And it’s not that I dislike this kind of food, but somehow its not quite the same. One dish which has become particularly corrupted is one of my (and Supercoolwife’s) favorite breakfast treats – Huevos Rancheros. Now this isn’t dish to be messed with, particularly because the alternate meaning of huevos rancheros can be translated as Rancher’s Testicles, and you don’t want to mess with those. Nevertheless,  I’ve seen all sorts of crazy stuff called that, some even resembling some type of breakfast burrito, but I’m yet to have some really good huevos rancheros served up this side of the border. Fortunately, they’re easy to make. So invite your amigos and fry some up!





1-2 Chiles (serrano or jalapeño)




Cooked Rice

Corn tortillas

Huevos (eggs)


Optional: Queso fresco, crumbled


The basic design is as follows: A bed of rice, with a slightly fried tortilla on top, with a fried, runny egg on top of this, covered with the ranchero sauce. First start cooking the rice using your favorite method. To make the sauce stick tomatoes, onion and the chiles in the blender until pureed. Then cook the salsa on low heat for about 10-15 min and add the salt and oregano to taste. The salsa should be on the runny side, so if it is too thick add a little water. Keep it warm on low heat. Put a little oil on a pan, just enough to cover the bottom, maybe a tablespoonful, and wait until it’s hot. Fry each corn tortilla on both sides until moderately crispy and blot on paper towels. DO NOT try this with flour tortillas. Start frying the eggs. Meanwhile take a plate and put some rice in it and flatten it out and put one tortilla on the rice for each egg. When the eggs are ready (ideally somewhat runny) put each egg on it’s tortilla and spoon some sauce on top of the egg. Crumble some queso fresco on top. Serve with a side of black or pinto beans and maybe some slices of avocado.

¡Buen provecho, dudes!


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5 Responses to You’ve really got some huevos!

  1. CoR says:

    I love love love what I’ve been calling huevos rancheros, which is apparently a bastardized form of something distantly related to your version. I can’t wait to try this!

  2. jf says:

    Reading that burritos aren’t Mexican food makes me feel the same way I did when an Italian told me that Alfredo sauce isn’t Italian. A little part of me just died :’-(

    However, I can now eat myself into a happy stupor with lots of huevos rancheros. Thank you for the recipe! =D

  3. jf says:

    Also– as a fair trade for giving you such a hard time, I’m of a Tex-Mex line, my mom grew up in Texas speaking Spanish and eating tasty migas for breakfast, and when I was growing up this dish become an ultimate Sunday favorite. Essentially, you put some oil in a pan and fry up either corn tortilla chips or corn tortillas, depending on your desired crunch factor. Once you’ve cooked these a bit, add lots of tasty eggs to scramble, then your favorite salsa to taste (in my family this dish should look redish, so lots of salsa!). The tortilla and eggs should get all wrapped up into each other. Add your favorite cheese to taste, usually cheddar for us. I don’t have ratios, but it should look like this:

    Avo on the side is fantastic. Serve alone or in a core tortilla. Anything else you can add is usually great, black beans, onions. The recipes you can find on line confirm this- there is no one migas! But in my family we usually stick to the basics.

    Essentially it’s your recipe, but with a touch of the usual Tex-Mex sloppiness 😉

    • Namnezia says:

      jf – I’ve never heard of migas, but they look an awful lot like chilaquiles with eggs mixed in. Next time I’m in Texas I’ll be sure to try them (they look good).

  4. OgreMkV says:

    Yeah, my grandad constantly complained that there was only one kind of enchilada… cheese. He didn’t know what to call the things with chicken or beef, but they weren’t enchiladas.

    This sounds like a pretty good recipe, of course, now I’ll have to remember it for next weekend. Breakfast recipes should only be posted on Thursday night, so I can get missing ingredients on Friday and cook Saturday morning.


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