Why I don’t own a Kindle…

Yesterday, as I was exiting the bathroom I heard a large splash and realized my new book had slid into the toilet. Although the toilet was empty, I was grossed out enough that I had to go buy a new copy. If I had a Kindle, I thought, I could just download the book again and I wouldn’t have to buy a new copy. Then I thought, if I had a Kindle, I would no longer have one that works.

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4 Responses to Why I don’t own a Kindle…

  1. I nearly lost my cell phone and iPod in a similar toilet incident. My cell phone hit the rim and bounced away. My iPod shuffle slipped off my belt loop and was dangling just over the water level (fortunately it was too light to pull the ear buds out of my ears).

    That being said, those things have made me more careful. So now I set the equipment away from the commode.

    I would say that ever since this incident with the book, you are now prepared for a Kindle. You will remember this, and know to keep items away – or the tractor beam from the latrine will take them.

  2. Dr Becca says:

    I think maybe you can get a little kindle holder with a strap that goes around your neck? That would totally solve your problem, and be super fashionable, as well.

  3. lost academic says:

    My biggest problems don’t stem from toilets with my books, but that I often read in the bathtub. I do have a colleague who flushed (I mean, irretrievably) a Palm Pilot – yeah, not the tiny sort.

  4. You’re missing out–I love mine!

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