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Transformative Science

Senator Coburn from Oklahoma is now leading the latest Republican charge against science. In a recently released so-called expos√© of wasteful spending at the NSF he shows his deep seated ignorance of how science is conducted and what its significance … Continue reading

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Coordination School

Recently I watched my daughter try to kick a stationary soccer ball and miss. Or try to throw a basketball towards the hoop, only to have the ball shoot out backwards. Unfortunately, I think she’s inherited her poor motor coordination … Continue reading

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The Data Sink

Some people call it karma, others mojo. I call it the data sink. Not a sink as in a kitchen sink with a drain, but rather a sink in the sense of something towards which things¬† flow. I have a … Continue reading

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Low volume

Listening to music at low volume is like going to a museum with the lights out. That’s why I want a really big stereo.

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Because she’s supercool

Happy mother’s day to all the mommas out there! I especially want to wish supercoolwife a happy mother’s day. Throughout this whole time since I’ve been sick my wife has basically held our family together singlehandedly. When I was in … Continue reading

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A tale of two manuscripts

Recently, there has been some talk on the blogosphere regarding the role of editors in glamour scientific journals vs. journals affiliated with professional societies. In a glamour journal, the editors are professional editors who’s job is basically to be an … Continue reading

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