Because she’s supercool

Happy mother’s day to all the mommas out there! I especially want to wish supercoolwife a happy mother’s day. Throughout this whole time since I’ve been sick my wife has basically held our family together singlehandedly. When I was in the hospital she would rush from getting the kids to school to bringing me breakfast –since she knew I wasn’t eating the hospital food– to getting the kids from school and giving them a nice dinner to restore some sense of normalcy in their lives, to running back to the hospital to spend the night by my side. She fed me when I was home to make me gain weight making several different foods to make sure there was something I would like, all the time organizing play-dates for the kids and attending school events. Oh, and all this time working. And she has been a pillar of support for everyone during these difficult times. I hope she knows how much we all love her and appreciate everything she does for us. None of us would be getting through this if it weren’t for her generosity and love. She truly is a supercool wife and a great mom. I hope she had a good mother’s day (despite the kids’ getting into an epic mud fight as they “helped” her plant flowers in our garden). And we look forward to many more happy and great mother’s days together.

I love you sweetie (and so do the kids), happy mother’s day!!

Speaking of mommas, here’s some “Big Mama” Thornton:


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1 Response to Because she’s supercool

  1. Supercool Wife says:

    Aw shucks. Thank you sweetie. In honor of your post, perhaps I’ll change my name to Big Mama Namnezia.

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