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Brew you!

I asked the “barista”, “Why does the small iced coffee cost more than the regular coffee for the same amount?” She said, “Well it’s brewed separately.” “So?” “We brew them at separate times.” “Yes but then the regular coffee is … Continue reading

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Pomp and circumstance

Woohoo! So yesterday my first PhD student defended his thesis. He did a great job although I screwed up the introduction. After doing my little introductory shtick about the student, complete with little embarrassing anecdotes and the like, I handed … Continue reading

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Take the A train

Today, fellow blogger Dr. Isis was commenting about this graph in the New York times regarding the “problem” of grade inflation. It basically shows that since 80’s the number of A’s given in college courses has increased by about 50%, … Continue reading

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Oh no! You just got back from a day at the beach, the kids are cranky and hungry, you have nothing to cook because you did not go to the grocery store (because you were at the beach), and its … Continue reading

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One year!

So here we are! Today is my first blogoversary! And I have to say this has been an interesting year. A year ago when I started this blog I was also embarking on the tenure review process, and wanted to … Continue reading

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Let my inspiration flow

So, you are starting a new graduate program, or postdoc or even your very own shiny new lab. The world of science is at your fingertips. Pools of knowledge await to be discovered. Clouds in the horizon look puffy and … Continue reading

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Pet peeve

I hate people who show up in the middle of the 4th inning and kick you out of their good seats.

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