Raw Chicken Juice

Last night, as I was washing the dinner dishes, my wife put in my mouth the last piece of this new and delicious chocolate she had gotten at the store. She then proceeded to ask me a question. As I opened my mouth to answer, the chocolate fell out and into a sink full of raw-chicken juice and food scrap-covered dishes, leaving only a trace of the deliciousness that could have been.

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6 Responses to Raw Chicken Juice

  1. Dr Becca says:

    It’s way too early in the day to be reading about such gut-wrenching, unspeakable tragedy.

  2. Dude, you should have rinsed the fucken thing off with some motherfucken booze!

  3. Dr. O says:

    That is perhaps the saddest thing I’ve heard all week, nay, month. 😦

  4. CoR says:

    Aw, damn. I can understand that pain.

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