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A Neuroscience Field Guide: The squid giant axon

You are probably wondering where in your nervous system is your squid giant axon, and why I’m writing about it in the Field Guide.  Not to be confused with the giant squid axon (ie. an axon from a giant squid) … Continue reading

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You copy, right?

OK that was a crappy blog post title. But anyway, I was just reading about a new policy from Princeton University that forbids faculty from assigning all copyrights of their published work to journals. They will also support faculty who … Continue reading

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A Neuroscience FIeld Guide: The Purkinje Cell

Whenever neuroscientists want to talk about dendrites — the part of a neuron that typically is used for receiving information from other neurons — neuroscientists will almost always show a picture of a Purkinje cell. I’m sure you’ve seen it before, you … Continue reading

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A Neuroscience Field Guide: Introduction

This is the first of a series of occasional posts where I will write a bout interesting things in the nervous system. After all I did say at some point that I would occasionally write about science, as opposed to … Continue reading

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The blogger lifestyle

So apparently if I want to be a successful blogger, I need to write at least 1000 words a day. Otherwise, I will lose all my readers and be shunned as a wannabe blogger. The writer of that piece of … Continue reading

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Cursive curses

I never understood cursive writing. To me it has always seemed clumsy and forced and not a natural way of writing. Cursive was originally inventeed to facilitate writing with a quill, in which lifting the nib up and down was … Continue reading

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