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Way to go!

Thanks for all those that donated to our Donor’s Choose classroom drive! Apparently this drive raised a total of about $50,000 and there’s still the matching funds to come! Well done everyone and thanks for supporting education. Advertisements

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Big Head

Meandering through Wikipedia during my lunch break I came across this list of animals sorted by number of neurons. And learned that elephants have about twice as many neurons than people (200 vs. 100 billion). And pilot whales have about … Continue reading

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Owl Puke

So I’ve been remiss about urging my readers to donate to our Donor’s Choose campaign where we (scientist bloggers) convince you to donate your pesos to a variety of schoolchildren who need your help. How does this work? You can … Continue reading

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So today I’ve been making some revisions on a paper we have been struggling to publish for over a year. Granted it’s been a low priority publication and the student who did the work is long-gone, but still, its not … Continue reading

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Grad Rites

Recently I’ve been having a lot of conversations about graduate school “rites of passage.” I’ve heard many people echo the sentiment that the purpose of being intensely quizzed by professors during things like journal club presentations (when you present the … Continue reading

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As in cool.

My son, who is 6, just told me he wanted an electric guitar, because “electric guitars are SO sick!”. Then he added, pointedly, that “sick also means cool”, in case I didn’t know. Thanks, dude.

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Zombies, WTF?!?

Dear Second Grade Music Teacher, Do you really think its a good idea to teach your class a song about zombies rising from the dead so that my daughter can be up for two hours at night crying and refusing … Continue reading

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