Daylight savings denial

I always find it kind of annoying that daylight savings time ends on a Saturday evening, basically your extra hour of sleep is wasted on Sunday which you can wake up late anyway, and your circadian-entrained kids will wake you up at the crack of dawn anyway. So I always pretend it doesn’t happen, I wait until Sunday night to change the clocks after the kids go to bed. That way you get an extra hour of sleep on Monday morning and everyone is happy. Yesterday I had to wake up extra early to catch a train, thanks to my denial of the time change I was able to wake up at a normal time. Now I’m thinking that every Friday afternoon I will push all the clocks at home one hour forward, send the kids to be early and then regain the hour on Sunday night, ensuring an extra hour of sleep. Who cares if you’re in sync with the rest of the world, right?

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5 Responses to Daylight savings denial

  1. But then you lose an hour of Friday night…

  2. Brilliant idea. If the rest of the world were smart, they’d get in sync with you.

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