O Tannenbaum

There must be something interesting that could be done with all those discarded Christmas trees I passed on my walk to work today. Maybe an instant backyard magical forest for the kids? Bonfire? Late season sukkah? Nordic-themed soccer goalposts? Skinny totem poles? Rat hutch? Eco-friendly jousting poles?

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6 Responses to O Tannenbaum

  1. momo says:

    Around here, discarded Christmas trees get thrown to the horses – sans fake snow and other artificial unpleasantries of course.

  2. jbmohler says:

    It was unseasonably warm weather here on saturday so we had little hot dog roast. After cooking the hotdogs we had a little christmas tree fire. Dry pine needles make for a most magnificent burst of flames. It was only a 5 foot tree, but we had the entire thing engulfed in flames for about 1.5 minutes. It is now much smaller and we’ll use the trunk for the next hot dog roast.

    … very versatile celebratory item …

  3. Karyn says:

    We tie little suet and birdseed bags on the branches and enjoy several months of backyard bird visits

  4. Dr. Dad, PhD says:

    My parents like to collect the neighborhood trees and use them for mulch. If you have a shredded it’s pretty quick and easy. And you can pretty much use the entire tree…..

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