Teal Beret

I saw this old grizzled prof go into the building where I teach the other day. He had a grey beard and was wearing an old wool sweater with moth holes, a tweed jacket, rumpled khakhis and brand new running shoes. He had his worn, Land’s End canvas briefcase and was wearing a teal beret with matching gloves. He really looked like he didn’t give a shit about anything. And I thought “Yeah, he’s cool.”

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5 Responses to Teal Beret

  1. BikeMonkey says:

    But does he have a chicken?

  2. scicurious says:

    Science is about inverse fashion, the closer you look to a hobo, the more you must be a total badass scientist. Cause if you really care for SCIENCE, you should be too absent minded to bathe. 🙂

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