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Subtractive Criterion

Currently I’m in the process of writing an application for a Very Fancy Fellowship (VFF). Probably several thousand other folks are also doing the same and it’s extremely competitive, but with a very high payoff. Yesterday, a senior faculty in … Continue reading

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Lions and Babies

I’m sure you’ve seen this posted all over the internet, but I couldn’t stop watching this video of a lion unsuccessfully trying to apparently eat a baby at the zoo. What is the lion doing? Is she trying to eat … Continue reading

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A Neuroscience Field Guide: Nerve Growth Factor

Nerve growth factor, NGF for short, is a soluble protein that is secreted by various tissues in the body, and it promotes the growth of nerve cell processes and survival of neurons. It is the first of a class of … Continue reading

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Some bones

My family and I recently took a trip to northern Patagonia in Argentina. We visited a place called Bahía Bustamante, which is in the coast. It is beautiful, with a great deal of biodiversity including magellanic penguins, sea lions, rheas, … Continue reading

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Frail memories of Rock and Roll

Recently a post by fellow blogger Abel Pharmboy about his memories of going to an Elvis Costello concert when he was a teenager prompted me to comment about my first rock concert experience. While I was growing up in Mexico … Continue reading

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