Thank a nurse and give blood!

As some of you may remember, almost 2 years ago I got pretty sick. Thankfully I’m doing somewhat better now and am in the middle of a two-year long maintenance treatment. I’m currently writing this as I receive medicine through a port implanted in my chest by my shoulder and I’ve been here all day, I still have another 150 ml to go. I decided that rather than watch another episode of Breaking Bad on Netflix, I should write a little blog post. The clinic is essentially run by nurses who have received specialized training in oncology and totally kick-ass at their jobs. One thing I was thinking about just now  is that several of the nurses in this room have literally saved my life multiple times, they have given me drugs to treat my disease, and when the going was rough given me life-saving blood transfusions and other medication. And I see them running around the room saving other people’s lives too, all day long. How many people can say that they directly saved several lives today? I certainly can’t. Probably most of you can’t either. You might say, “wait a minute you and we are performing basic biomedical research that will unlock key insights that can one day save peoples lives”. And I know basic research is necessary, without it none of the treatments I’ve received would have been possible, and having a basic science background certainly has helped in understanding various options. But still, my job seems completely trite and meaningless compared with the direct impact that these nurses have on their patients. And I really admire them for this.

So, if you ever meet a nurse, thank them on my behalf, if you are one reading this, thank you. Oh, and please go donate blood, this will certainly help someone directly, and thank you for doing so! Maybe we should start a little campaign to get science bloggers and their readers to donate blood, if you do donate send me a note, and I’ll publish the tally a month from now. See if we can get a modest 15 people to donate blood and thank a nurse, here we go!

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9 Responses to Thank a nurse and give blood!

  1. yosnowden says:

    Excellent idea! I’m signed up to donate blood next week at work.

  2. EssD says:

    As a recent recipient of a 12 week course of chemo for lymphoma, I fully agree with your observations about the nurses on the outpatient infusion units. Starting and running the infusions, checking for and responding to adverse reactions – they likely see as many, if not more, critical incidences then most inpatient nurses on a daily basis.

    Although I’ve donated over 2 gallons of blood over many years, the lymphoma has put an end to that.

  3. Scicurious says:

    I really wish I could donate blood (not allowed). But I can definitely say nurses are some SUPER AMAZING AWESOME PEOPLE. I saw some recently, and sent them a big cookie basket as a thank you, but that doesn’t even come close to expressing how much I wanted to thank them.

  4. anony mouse says:

    More money is always a nice way to thank someone.

  5. Luka says:


    I hope you are ok and I must say : I’m looking forward new post.

    My own poor health + internet investigation lead me to bridge = blog of yours.

    Best wishes from (mediaeval) Serbia that is Ex Yugoslavia, Europe, Earth…

  6. PalMD says:

    nurses are undervalued by all but those who they’ve helped. in the hospital, no one cares for the patient more directly, intimately.

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