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If you would like a recommendation…

So for ay undergrads reading this, I have some sage advice. If you are planning on asking your professor for a letter of recommendation, try to make sure your professor KNOWS WHO YOU ARE. Simply showing up out of the … Continue reading

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A good day in science

So I was getting ready to write a depressing post on the tedium of writing and not getting grants and blah, blah, blabbity blah, when I realized that maybe what folks need to read is a good reminder about why … Continue reading

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Dumbass 2

PSA: When sending emails to your entire lab, make sure you don’t accidentally use your secret blog email account. Presumably they are all now reading my blog, so hi guys!!

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I felt so free and easy when I found out my new pants had a discreet dedicated mobile-phone pocket. Until I forgot about it and put my pants through the washing machine.

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