Dumbass 2

PSA: When sending emails to your entire lab, make sure you don’t accidentally use your secret blog email account. Presumably they are all now reading my blog, so hi guys!!

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7 Responses to Dumbass 2

  1. AmasianV says:

    you don’t have unsend enabled? or did you notice when it was too late?

    • namnezia says:

      There’s no such thing as unsend, is there? How would that work? I noticed after everyone in lab was asking, “what the hell is bridge blog?”. I was like, “oh an old email from a blog we used to post pictures of the kids on before Facebook.”

  2. hermitage says:

    oh no, now they will see all those posts you made complaining about their burrito farts in the lab….

  3. drugmonkey says:


  4. DJMH says:

    Eh, they probably all think that blogging was an 00’s thing and would only have jumped on it if you had given them your secret twitter handle.

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