Stacks on shelves

OK, listen up kids! If you are taking something from a shelf and there’s other stuff on top of it, the best way to do this is to first remove the stuff on top, take what you need and put the stuff you don’t need back where it was. This is superior to simply yanking out what you need and letting all the other stuff spill all over the floor and then walking away. This useful bit of knowledge can apply to lots of things, including books, clothes in your drawers, dog food, toys, dishes and snacks! So now you know. You may now go about your business (after you pick up the friggin’ mess you made in your bedrooms).

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4 Responses to Stacks on shelves

  1. Dr. Noncoding Arenay says:

    Patience if often a learned virtue.

  2. theshortearedowl says:

    … reagents, beakers, someone else’s experiments… [Find and Replace: kids -> undergrads]

  3. Dude, don’t be such a risk-averse fucken crybaby. You are absolutely supposed to try to slip the shit out from under the other shit without lifting the other shitte off first. That way, if you succeed, you have saved effort!

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