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Dirty World

Check out this map generated by Aaron van Donkelaar at Dalhousie University. It uses NASA satellite imagery to calculate the amount of air pollution throughout the world. More specifically, it is looking at levels of fine particulate matter less than … Continue reading

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Space Rocks!

I came across this visualization via Flowing Data.  It was generated by Scott Manley at the Armagh Observatory and shows the discovery of new asteroids between 1980 and 2010. Whenever a new asteroid s discovered it is shown in white … Continue reading

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Earth-stopping stuff

I recently came across this map in one of my favorite cartographic blogs. It shows the result of a simulation shown here, based on 3-D surface modeling, of what the earth’s surface would look like in the absence of centrifugal … Continue reading

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Infographic: Forest chumps

I came across this very cool map released by NASA that uses satellite imaging to calculate the height of the various forest canopies around the world (click to enlarge): One thing that pops out is that the tallest forests in … Continue reading

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